Linking Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card, being the most important identity card in India now, referred as the Unique Identity Number of every Indian citizen, has become a mandatory part of every Indian’s life. For the motive of what it stands for, single identity number or everything, Aadhar Card needs to be linked with all other cards and identification/service numbers of an Indian citizen. Once linked to Aadhar, the service is connected to all other service a citizen is getting benefited from.

Aadhar Number Linking is a process that links your other service/identification numbers to your unique UID. For that, you need to submit your Aadhar Number to the concerned authority of the service and the authority links Aadhar card to that service account of yours.

Almost every service now accepts Aadhar Card as the most preferred identity of proof – for birth, name, age as well as address.

Benefits of Aadhar Linking

There are various benefits of linking Aadhar Card with other services like Pan Card, Bank Accounts, LPG Gas Connection, Driving License, Ration Card and more.

  1. You don’t need to reveal your other identities every time if you can do it just through your UID.
  2. You need not to carry multiple identity cards for different service acceptability.
  3. You can transact from your bank account without need of account details, through bio-metric authentications.
  4. You can get benefit of subsidies and other reliefs.
  5. You can open new bank account submitting just Aadhar card and no other identity information.
  6. You can link your services with your bank account making it easy for you to receive money as government contribution.

Aadhar Card Linking Procedure

Learn how to link Aadhar Card to Various Services

  1. Link Aadhaar Card to Bank Account
  2. Link Aadhaar Card to Pan Card
  3. Link Aadhar Card to Driving License
  4. Link Aadhar Card to Ration Card
  5. Link Aadhar Card to Voter ID
  6. Link Aadhar Card to Green Card
  7. Link Aadhar Card to Passport
  8. Link Aadhar Card to LPG Gas Connection
  9. Link Aadhar Card to Electricity Bill Number
  10. Link Aadhar Card to Paytm
  11. Link Aadhar Card to JIO
  12. Link Aadhar Card to ATM
  13. Link Aadhar Card to Mobile Number
  14. Link Aadhar Card to Admit Card

Other than that, there are various other government services where you might need to update Aadhar Card information for uninterrupted services and benefits. Aadhar Card linking is mandatory in almost every public service sector now. So make sure you have all your public accounts linked with Aadhar Card.