Aadhar Status Enquiry Number [1947]

Now, if you want to check status of Aadhar using phone number, you need to know that there are multiple toll free numbers that can be used to communicate with the UIDAI office. These toll free customer care numbers help you in checking Aadhar status enquiry by phone and enable you to update Aadhar information through the Aadhar Self Service Portal of UIDAI.

To do Aadhar enquiry through phone, use these toll free numbers.

  1. 1947 for phone call
  2. 1800-300-1947 for phone call (currently inactive)
  3. 51969 for SMS

Now we’ll instruct you about how to use these Aadhar status enquiry numbers to check Aadhar status via IVR system.

How to use 1947 for Aadhar status enquiry through phone?

What is 1947?

1947 is an IVR service started by the UIDAI as the helpline service for the Aadhar Card holders or for those who want information about how to get aadhar, update aadhar and do Aadhar status enquiry via phone.

Is 1947 toll free?

Yes, 1947 is toll free and you can use it to make free status enquiry for Aadhar.

How to check Aadhar status through 1947 toll free number?

To check Aadhar status through phone –

  1. Dial 1947.
  2. Authenticate using your UID or Enrollment number
  3. Choose the option of your concern.
  4. Complete the Aadhar service request.
  5. Get information via SMS instantly.

Can I use 1947 for Sms enquiry too?

No, you cannot use 1947 for Aadhar SMS enquiry.