CBSE Schools To Set Up Aadhar Enrollment Centers

New Delhi, India – According to a recent news, Central Board Of Secondary Education has asked its affiliated schools to set up aadhaar enrollment centers for students to be able to get aadhaar for themselves, so that they can use it as their identity card for registration and admission.

In a news at Outlook India , it was mentioned that though it is just an advise and opinion of CBSE, it is not mandatory for schools to set up Aadhar card centers.

For various schemes by Government, Aadhar Card has become mandatory if one seeks to get advantage of those schemes and so as this might help students in getting benefited from Government schemes like Mid-day meal, scholarships and more, CBSE finds it helpful for students to have Aadhar of their own as their identity number.

Download the complete circular by CBSE.


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