Link Mobile Number To Aadhar Without Email Address or OTP

If you want to add mobile number to aadhar card but haven’t register email address to the aadhar card, then you won’t be able to receive any OTP to get aadhar card linking to mobile. Hence in order to link without email address, you will have to follow certain different procedure.

Can you link mobile to aadhar without E-mail address online?

No, you can’t.

The problem is that for the identification, there are various metrics that can be used. Some of those metrics are biometrics, retina scan, Finger print, mobile number OTP and email address OTP.

Now in case, you want to add mobile number to Aadhar without email address online, you won’t have any way to get any identification authorization.

So you can only link it through a local Aadhar card center –

  1. Go to the aadhar card center
  2. Provide you details
  3. Authorize using bio-metrics.
  4. Add mobile number to Aadhar online without Email address.

So you won’t need to login to do that anymore.

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